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Stained Glass Window Film the solution to a six month husband and wife battle!

Posted on August 20, 2009 by StainedGlassWindowFilm

We recently moved into our new home and one of the features I particularly enjoyed was the bright and roomy bathroom, I could actually see to shave in the morning without having to resort to artificial light. Little did I anticipate the battle that would commence over the bathroom blinds and how Stained Glass Window Film would save the day!

When I get up in the morning I like to open the blinds and allow as much daylight to enter the room as possible. This may in part be because I am originally from England and still feel starved of sunlight particularly in the winter months. There is evidence in fact that a good dose of sunlight is a significant factor in health and well being. However my wife it would seem has other priorities.

Over time we seemed to repeat the following ritual. On waking up and I would jump out of bed, bounce to the window, open the blinds as wide as possible and bask in the sunlight. Yep, you guessed it I am one of those most despised of all people, a morning person. I make no apology, there is something about the morning that makes me feel cheerful, inclined to chatter and according to my wife “best avoided”. It’s amazing really that we are still together as she will take on this persona late into the evening when it is all I can do to grunt incoherently. Coherent grunts do after all take extra effort!

On the occasions, rare occasions, when my wife is first up I will often awake to drawn blinds and the lights on, causing me to become very confused and disorientated thinking that it is still night time. On making it to the bathroom the major engagement would commence with me opening the blinds to shrieks of “I don’t want everyone to see me!” Given that there is rarely anyone outside our bathroom and that she is typically at least partially dressed and despite the fact I have on several occasions gone outside to peer in and have been able to see little more that a dim figure in the room this seems to me to be somewhat of an unnecessary concern.

Pebbles Bathroom Window Film

Pebbles Bathroom Window Film

I have not found that my point of view on this subject however has really made any significant impact on my wife’s thought processes. So the battle would typically continue with the blinds being drawn and that despised of all actions, the lights turn on, arrrg!

The solution to this long standing battle, at least as far as the bathroom scene is concerned, turned up one day upon visiting a friend’s home. We were both impressed with their Stained Glass Window in their bathroom only to be informed that it was simple Stained Glass Window Film. I had to take another look as the look was surprisingly effective.

They had selected a type of Stained Glass Window Film that has a texture that sparkled in the sunlight. We were both immediate sold on the idea, appreciating the potential solution to our morning battle that Stained Glass Window Film potentially offered.

The best was yet to come as the Stained Glass Window Film was so inexpensive and easy to install that we had it up in no time. We have actually changed it several times as we decorated the bathroom and were able to match it to the new color scheme.

I would not exactly credit Stained Glass Window Film as having saved my marriage but it has made bathroom time a little less traumatic.

Have a clear window in your bathroom? Consider Stained Glass Window Film as a simple privacy solution.

Pebble Stained Glass Window Film

Pebble Stained Glass Window Film Closeup

(Notice the gorgeous ripply effect.)

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