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Stained Glass Window Film affects the sale-ability of your home!

Posted on August 16, 2009 by StainedGlassWindowFilm

In the current home selling market anything you can do to spice up, improve the curb appeal or avoid buyer objections is probably of interest to you. There are number of things that can be done from new paint job’s to refitting kitchens to replacing siding that meet this criteria, however, things that can be done that are quick weekend work and low cost and yet are highly visual and impactful are of particular interest. Stained Glass Window Film can meet this criteria remarkably well as we discovered.

In the process of selling a home recently we had quite a few potential buyers view the property and provide feedback. Feedback of this type can be hard to hear as essentially it is criticism of your home! However difficult it may be it is vital to listen to and do something about anything that can be addressed. That is where creativity comes in to play. We did not have anyone say “gee, it would be great if you had Stained Glass Window Film here!” Rather we had several observations that the home seemed to be overlooked and close to other properties.

Short of moving the home to a new location there was little we could do to directly affect this issue. There were a couple of things we did do though and to our delight very shortly thereafter we had a good offer on the table. The first was that we invested in a couple of sizable trees, we picked them based on their thick foliage and size, and they cost us about $250. They did a good job of breaking up the view directly onto the street from the main family room.

The next was to add some Stained Glass Window Film to the bathroom window. The effect was so amazing that we found that people’s eyes were actually drawn to the window and often commented on how pretty the stained glass looked. No one asked us if it was real Stained Glass or Window Film, nor did we attempt to mislead anyone, the subject just didn’t come up! The net effect of this was that rather than noticing the proximity of the neighboring homes, the sidewalk outside and the aged tiles, they saw the attractive colors glinting in the sunlight. Given that the bathroom was, shall we say fairly well used and the tile while sound, was less than pristine it was a great double benefit. The Stained Glass Window Film’s effect was also particularly noticeable from the outside of the building adding to the homes curb appeal.

The Stain Glass Window Film that we used was this one and took us all of fifteen minutes to apply.

Stained Glass Film Called Abstract

Stained Glass Film Called Abstract

The process of applying it was little more than to wet the glass and stick it on. It cost us less than $60 which was for two 24” x 36” pieces, one for each window. Compared to the trees, it was a lot less work let me tell you! Given the effect I’d have to say that it was a particularly effective investment.

If you have a dull room or less than attractive view from a particular window, consider adding Stained Glass Window Film as a way of turning a negative into a highlight which can be seen both within a room as well as from the curb.


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