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Create a Church like highlight in your home with Stained Glass Window Film!

Posted on August 22, 2009 by StainedGlassWindowFilm


Stained Glass Spiral

Ever wandered around in a church building and found that your eyes were constantly going upwards to the Stained Glass in the windows, particularly those in high windows? There is no doubt that there is something special, something restful about the way light is introduced into a room from high windows that have stained glass.

Today’s homes can be architecturally dull and hard to create a restful decorative atmosphere within. Many homes have windows that are high above entrance-ways, stairs and family rooms with high ceilings. They are great at allowing extra light to enter the room but add little to the overall look of your home. Take a moment and stand in your home below one of these windows and imagine the effect on the room if that high up window was made out of Stained Glass. Visualize the light playing into the room in soft multi hued shades in perfect accord with the core color scheme of your home. Then consider the cost of replacing the window with a Stained Glass masterpiece and try not to pass out!

Fortunately there is a low cost alternative that you can try out that is almost as good as a real Stained Glass Window, that will not damage your wallet. Stained Glass Window Films are becoming more available in more designs and at remarkably low prices.

Stained Glass Window Films nowadays range from just $30 to $130 per window, feature stunning designs and are a cinch to install. You will be amazed at the transformational effect that a single window can have that has a Stained Glass Window Film applied to it, especially when the window is high up in your home. 

One Response to “Create a Church like highlight in your home with Stained Glass Window Film!”

  1. Charles Jo

    - 29th Jul, 12 03:07am

    Hello ,
    I need 14 pcs of stained glass film for my church. (size W33"xH60")
    Please let me know your sample picture.
    Thank you
    Charles Jo 407-489-5588


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